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Oh My Gosh! I DID IT!!!

Thanks to our amazing Wizard of the Web- BC for piloting us all through the rocks and shallows. I had so many moments in the first four (?)  modules when I thought I should just admit defeat. I didn’t and have arrived on the other shore with awareness of things even my techy teens don’t know. This is, of course, merely the beginning of the journey. There’s so much I’ve barely looked at, but now I have no fear. When I encounter something new on the net I’m going to take a look, jump in, and explore.

Thank you KRL for the knowledge!


If I twitter am I a twit?

I wonder about the need for the instantaneous communication of twitter. How can any work applications really apply here? If we are buried in Country/Western CDs maybe we can send out a plea- but we’ll still have to follow through on email and get “permission” so we wouldn’t really save time.

I guess I just have more to do than chat and see other people’s random thoughts.  I was able to get into the registration after a day of being kicked off repeatedly. I still can’t seem to add followers, but as I don’t intend to use this account it probably doesn’t matter. 

Multi-layered organization-could this be the answer?

For this assignment I decided I’d give backpack a try since I had read a review in a parenting magazine a while ago and heaven knows I’m always looking for more organization!  The greatest thing about the site for me is the simple list application. I am always making lists for my various volunteer duties or to track each of my kids activities and then I seem to leave them everywhere- loose paper, datebook, notebooks. If I put it here it’s easy to go back and find it. It doesn’t get recycled or thrown away- it just waits for me.

I am interested in the calendar app. but then I’d have to pay for an account and I’m just not sure about that- I might not use it enough to justify the cost. I’m going to look for another online calendaring option for free-

MySpace & Facebook-it’s just another language.

The usefulness of social networking sites to libraries is obviously something to debate- however I do believe for every young user out there who thinks it’s lame for us to be on as an organization there is another who finds it easier to access us that way.  Some teens and 20’s use MySpace and Facebook as such primary communication tools they no longer use email. This means that they are on all the time,(well almost?). When and where are they going to see us/visit us if not throught these avenues?

I do think that keeping the pages as primarily feedback collectors would be the most approriate use. If we go to them in their place of comfort it honors their perspective and tells them we truly are seeking out their perspective.Obviously we are implying some active response to that feedback- and I’m sure they’ll be holding us to it!

Wikis won’t get me down!

Wow- that was cool. Kind of a tech learning game all around.  I decided to add a photo and a little paragraph to the branch wiki page.  And then the effort of getting it right began.  First taking a photo with the digital camera, then opening it on the public word processor computer here at the branch. Next, load the photo to a flash drive that I then insert into one of the staff workstations. Find the file add the image to the page, change the size then save. Great! Now how do I get my thoughts on the page without leaving a huge white space next to the picture and typing beneath it?  I know- ask Wizard Bob!

Problem solved he input a table with columns that the text could then go into…

Now I know I could be positively Wiki-dangerous!

Wikis can save the world, or at least my corner of it?

I think we ought to add helpful information about our city. I was watching the City Counil on BKAT last night and there were upset citizens who wanted easy access to times, locations, and other stuff helpful to being informed about changes in the city.  What if we had that info posted on our side bars?  I liked the content on the Rochester City site. We can be even better citizens and information sources with some of these ideas…

Find it and watch it- again.

OK so how many of us haven’t even heard of the Amazon Kindle?  If I ever win the lotto I’m buying one.

So- it’s a wifi device that is designed to mimic the feel and look of books, push (rss style) magazines andnewspapers to customers, and download books (purchased of  course, through Amazon,) in approximately 60 seconds.  Publishers are really behind this because they don’t have to estimate sales, print books, and then carry inventory. Out of print books could become a thing of the past. 

There are some interesting YouTube clips- including an interview of Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose, and one with well known authors.

This seems very 2.0 to me…check it out!

A treasure box for all my special friends!

OK- now you’re talking! I’ve tried so many times to keep a journal of what I’ve read just to be able to remember the obscure titles/authors that run through my life. I have usually only suceeded for a few titles and then get busy and drop the project. Now I see this being the home for that info. as well as a place to see what others thought about the book. Cool! Thanks for the new tool.

A photo is almost like being there…

I’ve been re-watching Andreas Viestadt’s New Scandinavian Cooking dvds and it’s making me hyper aware of all things Norwegian, which in Poulsbo isn’t too difficult anyway!

I rounded up the family to spend some time in the crazy snow/rain/wind of Saturday afternoon attending the Jule Fest. We greatly enjoyed the grandfatherly members of the Sons of Norway Men’s choir belting out the carols in Norwegian. The “rudolph noses” were a great visual treat.

So- when told to visit flikr I chose to find an image by searching christmas and norway. What a choice! So many beautiful images. I feel like I’ve been on vacation for the last twenty minutes. This will be a terrific resource for so many things- without the canned google image results. Thanks for showing me- now I can explore!

Is RSS for me?

Well now I’ve subscribed to some sights and seen how cool it is to have things delivered to me.  But I’m not on the internet at all times so the delivery of the latest whatever doesn’t matter to me.  I do like seeing the newest things though. I’ll reserve judgment for now.